The weird call of the week

I have received a fun call Today: Me: what can I do for you? Other: I want to implement Reach on my client. Have you installed Reach on your client? Me: no, I have not done it. What do you mean? Other: someone told me you worked on Reach activities. Me: That’s true. But we have not … Read more

What is a REACH Only Representative?

A Reach Only Representative is a legal entity established in the EU, nominated by natural or legal persons that manufacture substances, formulate preparations or produce articles outside the EU. An OR should have sufficient background in the practical handling of substances and the information related to them to be able to fulfil the obligations of importers. … Read more

Judge people by their feet, not their mouth

3M chief warns Obama over business regulation. George Buckley, chief executive and chairman of 3M: “judge people by their feet, not their mouth” Regulation on the chemical industry is business as usual. Depending of the type of measure, there are companies agreed with those initiatives, there are others than no. For those they reject … Read more

Danish EPA surveys chemicals in cleaning products

The consequences of the Reach data analysis is starting to have benefits on the European citicens: The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has published a survey of chemical substances in cleaning products for ovens, cookers and ceramic cooktops. The study determined the ingredients of 21 products and further analysed 14 to measure the level of organic … Read more

ECHA Summary of Work Programme 2011

A summary of key objectives for 2011. ECHA key objectives: First, the Agency needs to publish online the information from REACH registrations and CLP notifi cations. It is an enormous task to make scientifi c information as accessible as possible. Second, ECHA will evaluate the quality of the data of at least 5% of the … Read more

Targeted Risk Assessment (TAR)

Targeted Risk Assessment (TAR), that offers an integrated tool that helps on: Worker Exposure, Consumer Exposure, Environmental Exposure. I have downloaded the first one (Worker Exposure), it’s an Excel spreadsheet!! It allows the user to calculate predictions for inhalatory and dermal exposure (Tier 1 level) for the benefit of performing Chemical Safety Assessments. It’s very … Read more

ECETOC, European Centre for Ecotoxicology and toxicology of chemicals

Original information What is ECETOC?ECETOC is a scientific, non-profit making, non-commercial trade association with a mission to act as an independent, credible, peer-reviewed technical resource to all concerned with the identification of research needs and provision of scientific rationale for the assessment of health effects and environmental impact, and thereby to justify industry’s licence … Read more

CHESAR, CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool

Original link Chesar is a tool developed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) which aims to help companies carry out their Chemical Safety Assessments (CSA) and prepare their Chemical Safety Reports (CSR). For this purpose the principles relating to chemical safety assessments as described in the “Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment” … Read more

Reach roadmap

We have developed an IT solution to manage some business processes to be Reach compliance. These processes are related to: Substance Volume Tracking, for the calculation of the volumes to be registered by substance, Substance ID management, that allow the chemist guys to establish the % of substance for a raw material, Suppliers communications, that … Read more

Reach: SIEF Lead Registrant

Be a Lead Registrant under Reach means leading all registration process/activity for a given substance. To take into account: Being Lead means High responsibility but no benefit. A reason to be lead can be presented when they do not trust the others in the same SIEF. When a party is a lead it remains the … Read more