Changes on the hosting

Today there were a lot of changes on the hosting and I did some actions that I would like to review. PHP settings Ensure the PHP settings have enough memory, 32MBs is the default and it should be more. General review making sure all of WordPress is updated (plugins, themes, version, and php version, make … Read more

Maintenance on WordPress

I have been doing some basic maintenance of this wordpress site. I have updated: 14 plugins, the wordpress version and the PHP version of the server (5.4 to 7.0). For my poor memory, how to update the PHP version I’m using on CPanel:  

Prestashop, issue

We have this issue on the Prestashop front office language,   It requires to increase and suhosin.request.max_var to a minimum of 1441. In our case, I need my hosting provider to increase these values on the php.ini file. This post is very useful to understand basic concepts about the PHP configuration. Example of php.ini … Read more