Joomla module, ACYMailing

Other discovery done this Saturday afternoon, ACYmailing. It manages subscriptions, newsletters, users subscribed and add so many configuration items that turns this module to an useful tool. Reviewing the functionality in detail, this tool reminds to me to the old times when working on a solution in Lotus Notes to implement these communication processes. Doing … Read more


Greatjoomla, offers different services and plugins. One of them is Scriptegrator plugin, that contains some helpful JavaScript libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, Highslide etc.). It’s a necessary plugin for a most of Core Design extensions. For instance, Magic Tab plugin.  

Joomla, module Sot Article Thumbnail Slide

I found this place that publishes some good joomla modules:   The one I like is module Sot Article Thumbnail Slide, simple with good configuration and cheap.

Virtuemart templates

In the process of looking for a good template for joomla virtuemart, I found this useful article with some good examples. We are looking for good quality and these examples are good to understand the market: quality vs. prices.

New education methods

Assisting to the Coursera course is giving me a good feedback about what can be done in the education area. The on-line education based on videos can be very productive. Today I watched a video, he was doing a practice, explaining how to identify markers for arguments, you can see him talking and at the … Read more

Go or no-go?

Some weeks ago we received a last minute RFP. I decided a no-go. I did not want team burn into a RFP we were not going to win, for a customer department we have not relationship. One of the things I did not like about the RFP was the fact they were offering a project … Read more

Never ending story

You have to attend your customers and their requests, they challenge you everyday and you have to adapt to the challenges. Then you comeback to your office and find that your organization is in a continuous change where internal audits have improvements, forecasts have to be more justified and internal financial reviews requires more information. … Read more

How to configure AOL community on Sametime

I have Sametime 8.02 installed and want to remind this configuration. Step 1.- Create new server community 1. File, Create new server community, enter all data below Server Community name: username / password: your aim username password Host server: Server Community port: 80 2. Save. Step 2.- Communicate with AOL and AIM users, … Read more