View Ether transactions live is the type of visual pages you can view for hours, you learn with the different things that are represented, and enjoy how they move. Last weekend had the opportunity to discover this place with a group of people that were explaining me the details about: How the transactions are validated, how the blocks are … Read more

WordPress scans

To have a minimum of security on wordpress the minimum is to keep the environment up to date (majority of updates are security updates), you can scan how secure it is with this library: Or you can direcly go to a place like this and check it on-line: There are so many spaces … Read more

Common telecomunications network: open, free and neutral This is the purpose of, a place where there are so many interconnected routers, lines and individuals sharing their network with a clear purpose: open, free and neutral. Coverage map You can see a map where you will see how extended the network is: In Sevilla there … Read more

Maintenance on WordPress

I have been doing some basic maintenance of this wordpress site. I have updated: 14 plugins, the wordpress version and the PHP version of the server (5.4 to 7.0). For my poor memory, how to update the PHP version I’m using on CPanel:  

Amazon list

This table is an non quantitative analysis of the companies and industries that will be threatened by Amazon. It’s a completely personal opinion that I update from time to time. 2015 Barnes and Noble (Books). Staples 2016   2017   2018 Amazon and other companies start an insurance company (impact forecast in 5 years: 2023). … Read more

New buzzword, Flippening

New buzzword, at least to me Flippening is defined as an expected paradigm shift in the world of cryptocurrency, where the values of cryptocurrencies are no longer primarily based on the value of Bitcoin. If flippening happens, it will mark the end of the absolute dominance and special status that Bitcoin has had in cryptocurrency … Read more