Year 3, trading training Q1

Year 3 This year 3 my goal is to focus on the swing trading and the acquisition of knowledge and experience on this type of trading. The ideal swings will take only days (no in-day trading at this minute). Year 3, Quarter 1 As usual these are the goals for this quarter, following the V2MOM model: … Read more

Allegro ma non troppo, Marco Cipolla

I read this book because it was recommended by different people so I decided to buy it. It’s a nice book and it’s very light but apart of the review of the impact of the black pepper in Europe, I did not learn so much else. I had more expectations based on the reviews of … Read more

Trading learning year 2

In 2018, I created a Robinhood account and I added 1000$. I had a goal, it was to trade with that money, and learn about how to trade in a systematic way and understand how the environment was going on. I started slowly, with few amount of moves, practicing on stocks I knew and using … Read more


Gazprom, the Russian  oil and gas company. Major areas and projects All projects are listed here. For each one, a nice map indicating the number of kilometres and The main ones are: Blue Stream Pipeline: it carries natural gas from Russia into Turkey. Yamal Peninsula project: to exploit the considered major new reserves of Russia. … Read more