Problem with the text editor of WordPress

After one of the WordPress updates I started to have an issue with the text editor. Basically none of the features worked, and after saving a post in plain text the data was deleted. I found a solution on this post: edit the file “wp-config.php” and add a line of code. //previous line if ( … Read more

The Small Book of the Few Big Rules

This book is doctrine, in the good sense, in the context of Wardley Maps this is something very important in the organizations. Simon Wardley always says: start with doctrine. It’s the way the organizations behaves the powerhouse which will enable a organization to progress in one direction or other. To ignore the current doctrine you … Read more

Kaspersky cybermap

Nice visual way to analyze the situation of malware, vulnerabilities, web virus, spam, botnet activities… Interesting, at the time I’m checking the data the list of countries with more attacks are: Vietnam Russia India Germany USA. compromised IP with a ransomed database This other map shows points where a database has been ransomed. Below the … Read more