Christmas time, thinking time,

Time to review the work done, time to think about the new incoming challenges. Time to rest, to sleep, to run, to walk to talk. Coming home is a rest time in the sense of being considered a person without the influence of what you do for work. You just are what you have been … Read more

Accessing to new challenges

There are people that they surf with any type of conditions, there are others than if conditions are not as bad as these, they don’t think on going to the water:However there are other people that they don’t know how to surf with all these type of problems at the same time: wind, water, waves…. … Read more

Tempo Framework (EC)

During these last months one of the things I have discovered has been Tempo Programme, the European Commission framework to coordinate all the IT challenges develop for and by the EC. I have just giving a quick view to some of the documents that I needed to review discovering that there are so many processes … Read more

We delivered it!!!

I’m so happy now, Yesterday we delivered a package about 32 kilos of papers that represent phisically the answer to the RFP we have been working since April. Last 10 weeks have been amaizing, it’s the first time I have enrolled a work like this and it means that I have learnt a huge amount … Read more

Reading novels

During my trip to Nepal and taking into account than then it was when I had some time to read. Since this trip I have read: Farenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), The naked mountain (Reinhold Messner), The locked room (Paul Auster) and now I have started Mr. Vertigo, written too by Paul Auster. I have enjoyed … Read more

Parkinson’s Law

I have enjoyed reading this phenomenom named “Parkinson’s Law“, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” Tomorrow I will use this articule in order to align some behaviours that are not helping the team. In addition, the second sense of the Parkinson’s law: “Data expands to fill the space available … Read more

RAD or Waterfall?

Dynamic Systems Development (or DSDM) is a method based on the assumption that nothing is perfect first time, but that 80% of the solution can be produced in 20% of the time it would take to produce the whole solution. It is highly iterative, all steps can be re-visited, therefore the current step need be … Read more

Working on a RFP

I’m now inmersed in a call for tender. The way to work on the call is answering the specific questions with no more than 3 pages. My main responsibility is manage the evolution of the works providing the resources and helping the team with the things they need. Other thing I do is review the … Read more

8 years ago

This week I received an e-mail from an old co-worker that is still working in the maintenance of applications that I used to create. In his e-mail he mentioned that once of the applications that I developed, when I used to be the only developer of a little division of the company is still running. … Read more