Transportation Management Systems

Very nice reading about TMS  solutions on 2012, that I would like to remind: For warehouses

The use of answering machine

The answering machine is a very powerful tool, you can exert different types of influence with it, or you can commit errors on the communication. You can give a short call with your information and mention the purpose of your call. If there is an issue where you had some e-mails going and coming back, … Read more

Business & IT

One of the best things when you visit customers is that sometimes you have the opportunity to talk with them about things from different perspective, you just start making a comment about something related to business in the same way you do a comment about the weather, and suddenly the other reply you with a … Read more

Online store requirements checklist

I’m evaluating some solutions for and online store, and the first step is to define a requirements checklist: 1.- General overview & look Frame of the main screen can be adapted. Ability to change layouts. Ability to add widgets. 2.- Product form, product classification & product representation Check the aspect of the views of products. … Read more

A&D Acronyms

Starting working on a new industry requires some basic knowledge: AOG    Aircraft On Ground GPP    Generic Project Process MSN    manufacturer’s serial number (an aircraft). FAL      Final Assembly Line (the factory itself). EASA   European Aviation Safety Agency. POA     Production Organisation Approvals.  

Finanzas Personales

Este libro de Juan Palacios Raufast me lo recomendó un amigo que conoce al profesor Palacios. Habla sobre las cuestiones anteriores a la inversión : ¿para qué quieres invertir? ¿debería invertir para tu jubilación? ¿cuánto necesitas ahorrar para tu jubilación?. Luego hace distinción entre especulador, inversor activo e inversor pasivo. En un relato directo y … Read more

Access to financial services

Think about ways to access to financial services: credit card?,  go to a bank?,  computer?,  mobile? Yes, but there is more complexity on what you can really obtain, you probably has though about perform payments or get cash. There is more! Micro payment M-Pesa Vortex India Micro insurance Microensure Microsaving Opportunity Fund Financial access birth … Read more

Rich dad, poor dad

Someone in the office recommended me this book and some months and I did not so much attention to it, but I was looking for a book to read some weeks ago and I remembered this, easy reading, so go ahead. Things I liked: The vision about the money: make the money works for you. … Read more