Comcast finance review

Revenue, gross profit, EBITDA, Operating expenses, FCF Stable revenue, deterioration of FCF due to not control cost at the right level. EPS, Dividend per share EPS (blue) is generally stable but sometimes it gives a big surprise. Debt, equity, cash & equivalents 2019 increase of long term debt (red). ROE, ROA

Comcast Technology Solutions

CTS or Comcast Technology Solutions is the division of IT for Comcast. First let’s review the user needs and the ecosystem, then let’s see some of the major services CTS provides. For those not familiar with the TV / Streaming ecosystem you can read this post related to it, I review some numbers, players and … Read more

Zalando, a Wardley map about how they play the game

This map is a draft map I did just checking the different web sites Zalando has for different purposes. This company continues evolving and gaining presence in the online retail business in Europe, and to understand the culture, main components, and other features is something I wanted to understand. The map Let’s start with the … Read more

Pepsi and Gazpacho, a Wardley map reviewing some decisions around this product

This post is a combination of a “Peter Lynch” personal view using Wardley maps to reflect some of the things I discovered around Pepsi and its Alvalle brand. Background Alvalle is a brand acquired by Pepsi in 1999. They basically produce Gazpacho and Salmorejo (the original recipe comes from Córdoba, Andalusia). Both recipes are very … Read more

Herberts coating trades

I was writing about Herberts coatings in the past, and news I got during these days made me to pay attention of the story of owners of Herberts coatings. I have listed the data by event, so you can see how Herberts is changing of owner for time to time. This is the sequence of … Read more

DuPont merges and acquisitions

Following-up merge and acquisitions done by DuPont 1999 March: DuPont acquires Pioneer, $7.7 Billion 2011 January: DuPont Acquires Enzyme Maker Danisco for $5.8 Billion. Danisco produces and sells food ingredients and industrial bioproducts primarily in Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Asia. July: DuPont acquires Innovalight. Innovalight develops silicon ink, licensed to solar cell … Read more