Diario de invierno

Con Javier en casa y el resto del jaleo, es complicado sacar tiempo para leer. Dormir es una necesidad básica de la que me cuesta prescindir. Eso si, en esta semana de diciembre con viajes a Madrid y Barcelona, me dio tiempo a leer este diario lleno de reflexiones y anécdotas.

Stock decisions I did not take

This is a list of events and potential actions I didn’t take, and that I want to remember: Event: Trump won the USA election Action not taken: Buy Goldman Sachs stock. Result in 3 months: stock from 185$ to 250$. Chemours splitted from DuPont, Nelson Petz after Kraft split he invested in Mondelez. Action not … Read more

Benchmarking by Solomon Associates

Solomon Associates created a methodology to measure the performance of the oil companies: Comparative Performance Analysis (CPA), started in 1980. Their registered motto is: measure, manage, maximize. One of the essential concepts is that only through this comparison process you can truly identify the areas where your facilities could improve. The main oil companies of … Read more