Web versions

This post is a set of notes where I add information about the different versions of the web: Web 1.0, Web 2.0… Table for different versions This is not too much creative as there are many tables as the one I have created below, but this one summarizes the main concepts. Wardley map of versions … Read more

Distribution of Lithium, a challenge

Electric vehicles Almost all is written about the impact of the electric vehicles on our lives and how the trend of the consumer, the industry and the governments are doing around it. Once you go in deep, this new industry generates bottlelnecks that are opportunities to the people and companies working around the electric vehicle … Read more

WordPress in big corporations

Listen this week that a big Spanish company has in their IT road map WordPress as a platform for content management is not a surprise to me, the surprise is that there are still few big companies that are still not doing it. Open source adoption continues and big organizations are understanding that the long … Read more


Right now there are six digital ecosystems that dominates the digital world,they are known as GAFAMA: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba. Between these six ecosystems their combined market cap is $2.3 trillion (equivalent to the size of the UK economy). For the rest of the world there are 2 main questions: How can I … Read more

AWS Vs Office365 1 TB

I am looking for 1 Tera Byte storage solution on the cloud and I started to look for it in AWS and Office365. The surprise have been: the price offered by Microsoft: Microsoft 69€/year. AWS: 30,57$/month.