Equation of innovation for a software product (b2c)

Background and purpose This Wardley map tries to visualize how innovation and learning process can potentially work on a software organization with a high amount of users. These type of organizations understand that the learning process and the acceptance of a controlled level of failure is key to face the uncertainly and finally innovate. I … Read more

2001, de viaje por el norte de España

Agosto del año 2001, hablamos de hacer unas vacaciones por ahí y se planteó la idea de ir a Asturias. Nos apuntamos unos cuantos, Eugenio, Iván, “el novato” (mote puesto por Blas), su hermano Gonzalito, Dani y yo. El “novato” ese año estaba trabajando en Puerto Real de profesor, estuvo saliendo con nosotros y se … Read more

Ask your developer

The book “Ask your developer” written by Jeff Lawson, goes around so many things about how companies are evolving and how the presence or lack of presence of technology changes their ability to survive and thrive. “Ask your developer” is a mindset, very similar to what Simon Wardley calls as doctrine. What are the characteristics … Read more

Playing to Win, by Roger L. Martin

I just finished reading this book. I picked it because I wanted to find a different perspective about strategy and some of the posts I have read in Medium from the author where appealing to me. The strategy approach proposed by Roger Martin has thousand of details and I would like to save these diagrams … Read more

Zalando, a Wardley map about how they play the game

This map is a draft map I did just checking the different web sites Zalando has for different purposes. This company continues evolving and gaining presence in the online retail business in Europe, and to understand the culture, main components, and other features is something I wanted to understand. The map Let’s start with the … Read more