Nurturing the Relationship

From the book “Career Upgrade Road-map“, one of the chapters talks about the way to nurture the relationship with the people you are targeting. Once you have a meeting with someone, a good rule of thumb is to make the conversation 80% about them and 20% about you. Your goal is to be able to … Read more

10 ideas to organize you EA

This article written by Mckensey is so much useful, read it, do not read my summary; the list below is just for my memories. The summary is, companies do not agree on what is the main focus in Enterprise Architecture (EA) management. Some companies are focused on continually measuring IT performance and adjusting business processes … Read more

USB shortcut virus

I suffered this virus in one of my computers, and I was able to fix it with this command on MS-DOS: Attrib /d /s -r -h -s *.* I need to review my anti-virus….

TCO of use of SalesForce

I have so much questions about the SalesForce TCO. I have search about this topic in the internet and there is not so much about it. The perspective: looking at Portfolio Manager view. The context. The environment we are talking about is a global organization with multiple business units where each one have different use … Read more