Maverick buying

Maverick buying in the supply management arena is the purchasing outside of standard procurement processes, also known as off-contract buying. The standard processes always tries to minimize this type of practices, because if an organization use it in an excessive way it has fatal consequences. But in some cases it is necessary to be flexible … Read more

Innovation, improvement culture

For the customer I work, innovation is more related to an “improvement culture” than other thing. If the its IT environment is improving, they say we are doing daily innovation. They believe that new ideas come from the work on the ground, people doing daily activities and thinking about how to improve the applications, some … Read more

PM Methodology Alignment

Which Projects are more aligned to PM methodology? Infrastructure or Application projects? During the check of the health of the projects we point to this alignment as another factor. With it, we have discovered that in general infrastructure projects follow the methodology in a better way than application projects. Why? Are the best PMs on … Read more