What is the cloud?

Weird things I have listened: It is a new IT architecture, It is the web 3.0, It is a cool name for the grid, You have the computers in your building but I use it, renting of servers!. Well, you probably have listened other ones. The cloud could be defined as a way to deliver … Read more

BPCA – Business Process Change Analyzer

It seems that SAP has found that companies supporting the SAP technical upgrades as Panaya, are doing so well and that now they want their piece of the pie. I have to read more about the Business Process Change Analyzer, but it seems that it covers the main areas that for instance covers Panaya http://scn.sap.com/community/it-management/alm/solution-manager/blog/2013/02/04/bpca–business-process-change-analyzer … Read more

Single european payments area

Better late than never, now learning the basic concepts of the SEPA, I have read the basis from different articles, and I found this useful video, Commitments for February 2014: SCT  = SEPA Credit Transfer SDD = SEPA Direct Debit The corporate companies have to replace their national process by the SEPA ones.  

Pipeline game

Nowadays the company where I work is changing the CRM solution. The situation where we are right now is, people has received the training and coaching sessions, the direction they have to take fulfilling all the activities there. The reality is that the majority of the people is still managing their pipeline with their excels, … Read more