Pipeline game

Nowadays the company where I work is changing the CRM solution.plumber-game

The situation where we are right now is, people has received the training and coaching sessions, the direction they have to take fulfilling all the activities there.

The reality is that the majority of the people is still managing their pipeline with their excels, and few of them are showing their cards.

I’m waiting to see when the senior management will start to demand the revision of the pipeline into the CRM solution and not allowing documentation or report that is not an extraction of the CRM.

“Lets review the pipeline, open the CRM tool!

Oh! there is nothing there, ups, you have no pipeline at all and I have doubts you can take your bonus this year with these accomplishments!!!”

This is a very simple mechanism, I have seen it in the past, everything that is outside of the tool do not exist and is not considered as valuable.

This tactic has a problem, you can still have hidden opportunities in the organization.

Pipeline game continues and it is still very similar to the poker.

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