Analyzing basic data from these 2 companies I did these 2 pictures that enable me to understand a little bit better their behavior. The key is to me the long term debt, where the acquisition of Timer Warner by AT&T is making the fundamentals to be eroded.



Los 10 Mandamientos de la Gestión de Inversiones de Mohnish Pabrai

En este podcast de Value Investing FM escuché este programa que habla de 10

  1. El fondo cobra si se consigue beneficio. El programa de retribución del fondo debería tener un fijo muy bajo y
  2. No tengas un equipo de inversión (1 único gestor rodeado de muchos analistas).
  3. Acepta que te vas a equivocar al menos un 33% de las veces.
  4. Buscar empresas con PER bajo (PER=1 estrictamente).
  5. No usar nunca excel.
  6. Siempre ten una cuerda para poder escalar a lo más fondo del agujero (hay que tener siempre una carta guardada).
  7. Debes centrarte en el negocio en si, y evitar el ruido.
  8. Nunca te pongas corto en una acción.
  9. No debes apalancarte.
  10. Copia ideas que te parezcan brillantes y hayan salido bien.

AWS Lambda, hello world

I found some hours to dedicate to create my first Lambda function on AWS. I read a lot about it, but I had not opportunity to practice.

I followed the easy way, which means I did the use case proposed by AWS:


  • You have to understand very well how to manage the different components of Lambda and how to connect with the different services.
  • Right now I see a limitation, I have not seen the way yo connect with external environments or launch external calls for retreiving data and track it. This is more than likely due to lack of knowledge and time to investigate.

Spotify Engineering Culture

This couple of videos helped me to understand how agility can be implemented into complex software development environments.

A lot of agility knowledge shared in these videos, and so many topics related to SAFe,

Video #1, this is more technical oriented, you will find things as agility, squads, continuous deployment, how teams are organized, events…

Video #2, this is more cultural oriented, where you will find the relationship with failure, innovation, hacking time, hacking events, innovation/predictability, chaos/bureaucracy

In video #2 there is an explanation about how to lead with chaos and bureaucracy that is really interesting (starts in minute 9:00), and it is represented by this picture:


SAFe Scaled Agile Framework

Time to learn, time to read, now working on a deal where the customer is implementing their own version of SAFe.

There are a lot of documentation and intelligence on all of this, very interesting time learning about it.

Something I do not like is that is a closed community, I understand that organizations need ways to finance themselves, but to impose a training payment is a stopper for the expansion of these practices.

I was yesterday night navigating onto the different charts and data that are available in this web:

The purpose is to define a set of macro indicators that enable me to contrast macro trends into a sector, so I can advance in general terms the trend of the sector or identify a divergence.

For instance, the manufacturing sector has a lot of dependency on:

  • Consumer expenditure.
  • Energy price (electricity, gas, Brent barrel…)
  • and Raw material prices.

Here I can check all this. The difficulty is going to define the right indicators to check, and simplify the amount of data to be reviewed.


¿qué plan de electricidad me conviene más?

Esta es una pregunta que muchos en España nos hacemos con el incremento progresivo de la tarifa de la luz.

Han surgido mucha competencia con los cambios legislativos y esta solución es muy interesante para responder la pregunta y para entender las variables que influyen en el precio final de la factura.

El Tarificanator, la solución para saber qué tarifa de la luz es mejor para tu casa: PVPC o mercado libre

El Tarificanator, la solución para saber qué tarifa de la luz es mejor para tu casa: PVPC o mercado libre

Este artículo, que merece varias lecturas para entender bien los detalles, contiene un enlace a una excel que ayuda a realizar el ejercicio y que ayuda a entender las variables que influyen.

Gracias a la consultora Ingebau por su publicación.