Philadelphia BarCamp 2023

This morning I arrived to the event at 8.00 am and I saw the dashboard was almost empty. I said myself, well I can talk about maps. So I added my talk to the dashboard. I added it on the second session as I wanted to have time to prepare something. I’m very grateful for … Read more

Generative AI, where to start?

The Generative AI’s hype is huge (bigger than the Virtual Reality hype happened in 2021). Everybody is talking about how wonderful that is coming, but when we look into our companies… where should I start? What is the situation the companies have internally to face this challenge? My suggestion, start drawing the situation AS-IS for … Read more

Gaming research

During these last 2 weeks I have been engaged in a research related to Gaming Industry, organized by Simon Wardley. It has been 12 hours of work with different people and I’m happily have been guiding the conversation with the people of the group that I found more interesting: Game Design and UX The final … Read more

Combination of OKRs and Wardley Maps

OKRs and Wardley maps can be combined and enable you to have benefits from both sides. Where can specifically this combination help? Using both together you can provide a comprehensive approach to strategic planning and execution, combining goal setting and progress tracking with a deep understanding of the business environment. Wardley Maps does not gives … Read more

Strategic frameworks

The planning strategic tools are prevalent in the industry. They are the accepted ones, and the people with the credibility of the industry to talk or work on it belong to the Big-4 or similar. On the other side we have emergent frameworks, models and tools. They are small niche and not known by companies. … Read more

Shaping things

Book written by Bruce Sterling, this post contains notes and diagrams related to the concepts covered by the book. Concepts Old wine in new Bottles (chapter 3) Every one of these transitions—Artifact to MACHINE to PRODUCT to GIZMO—involves an expansion of information. It enables a deeper, more intimate, more multiplex interaction between humans and objects. … Read more

Guardrails AI, interview

This is a short summary of Data Driven NYC’s interview to the co-founder and CEO of Guardrails AI Shreya Rajpal. Guardrails AI offers: Guardrails AI is a fully open source library that assures interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs). It offers The company is being build right now: A Map A Wardley Map to visually … Read more

ChatGPT provides similar ability than

The news is in the title, the interesting part is the reflection on these tweets: The only moats are execution, distribution, and top-of-mindedness (your brand being ingrained in a customer’s habit loop). Nothing else really matters. This is just one of the thousand of examples of the appliance of Innovation, leverage, commoditize gameplay on LLMs … Read more