Analysis of data with Python

The main goal is to learn, but not just through the completion of courses or certifications. After the achieving the PMP certification I though about a project to focus on programming and data analysis.

My goal is Learn Python is my next project. I have defined 3 months of project where I would like to achieve a goal.

Following the V2MOM model:

  • Vision: Be able to analyze data and predict behaviors.
  • Values: have fun, learn a lot, build a team with Dani, do practices and more practices.
  • Method: learn python, learn about patterns.
  • Obstacles: Time.
  • Measures: have an environment where I test a pattern with real time data from an external source. Have a list of learned lessons and experience.

Death line = December 2017


South Africa, Cape Town area

This summer vacations were combined with business trip and the causalities made us to change the initial plans by a trip to Cape Town area. The decision was more that good. We enjoyed a very nice vacations discovering an area of a big country with a strong character.

Wild nature in all forms is the main thing you can find there. The road from Swellendam to Oudtshoorn (road R62) is a good example: in 220 kms you will see different type of country side: desert, high mountains, valley with a river covered with a dense vegetation, plain country side with many different animals…

PMP Certification

I passed my PMP exam this month.

I read the PMBoK, I did the virtual led training courses offered by the company I work and I did a lot of exams, reviewing concepts and learning the details of the exam reviewing answers and explanations.

There is a good bunch of exams on the internet, and the more similar ones I found to the exam I did were:

PMP Exam Prep Questions, Answers, & Explanations: 1000+ PMP Practice Questions with Detailed Solutions by Christopher Scordo (4-Nov-2009)– 1600 questions by Christopher Scordo.

Now thinking about the next certification or training course to take. Any suggestion?

Problem with the text editor of WordPress

After one of the WordPress updates I started to have an issue with the text editor. Basically none of the features worked, and after saving a post in plain text the data was deleted.

I found a solution on this post: edit the file “wp-config.php” and add a line of code.

//previous line
if(!defined (‘ABSPATH’))
//Add this line
define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’,false );
It worked, so I save this solution just for my poor memory.

The Performance-Values Matrix

I need to remind this picture from time to time and send to other people, so we can work and talk about the values we want to build on the team.

performance-value-matrix The actions in the different cases are simple:

  1. Incompetent Assholes (Fire Fast)
  2. Competent Assholes (Remediate or Separate)
  3. Incompetent Nice Guys (Manage (train, coach) or Move)
  4. Competent and Outstanding Nice Guys (Praise and Raise)

Other statement to remind:

“The actual company values, as opposed to the nice-sounding values, are shown by who gets rewarded, promoted, or let go.”

Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

From mess to an organized environment

The work on organizations can be sometimes a completely mess.

I’m working on an initiative to turn this “mess” into a more organized and efficient delivery.

The basic approach we are following is:

  1. To have a clear, complete and detailed organizational chart.
  2. Understand what are the governance rules defined by contract with the customer.
  3. Define role and responsibilities for the different players (using a RACI).
  4. Communicate the roles, expectations and a defined reporting templates.
  5. Promote escalations on specific conflicts that could arise, work on these aspects and refine the RACI.
  6. Prioritize the focus on the major, critical hurdles.
  7. Work always on practical scenarios, avoid just to define theory.
  8. Lead by example.
  9. Promote ITIL, PMI, Six Sigma best practices.
  10. Repeat the process again and again.

After 1 month of work, results start to show green signals, but we are still RED 🙁