What is HIPAA?

In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or the HIPAA was endorsed by the U.S. Congress. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, also called the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, provided the first nationally-recognizable regulations for the use/disclosure of an individual’s health information. Essentially, the Privacy Rule defines how covered entities use individually-identifiable health information or the PHI (Personal Health Information). ‘Covered entities’ is a term often used in HIPAA-compliant guidelines.

Security Risk Assessment Tool

The SRA Tool is a self-contained, operating system (OS) independent application that can be run on various environments including Windows OS’s for desktop and laptop computers and Apple’s iOS for iPad only.

The SRA Tool takes you through each HIPAA requirement by presenting a question about your organization’s activities. Your “yes” or “no” answer will show you if you need to take corrective action for that particular item. There are a total of 156 questions.

The undoing project

This book is making me to think about some habits and false concepts we use to fall in a daily basis. There are some interesting parts of the book for re-read from time to time.

People regretted what they have done, and what they wished they hadn’t done, far more than what they had not done and perhaps should have. The pain that is experienced when the loss is caused by an act that modified the status quo is significantly greater than the pain that is experienced when the decision led to the retention of the status quo.


When choosing between sure things and gambles, people’s desire to avoid loss exceeded their desire to secure pain.


People did not chose between things. They chose between descriptions of things. Economists, and anyone else who wanted to believe that human beings were rational, could rationalize, or try to rationalize, loss aversion.


The endowment effect was a psychological idea with economic consequences. People attached some strange extra value to what ever they happened to own, simply because they owned it, and so proved surprisingly reluctant to part with their possessions, or endowments, even when trading them made economic sense.


The emotions of unrealized possibility: these emotions could be described using simple math. Their intensity was a product of two variables: the desirability of the alternative and the possibility of the alternative.


Microsoft Power BI

I have created an account to use Power BI and check how it’s working on.

For small amount of data that is just managed by one person it does not make sense. You can use excel and share it through SharePoint Services. “Power BI publisher for Excel” plug-in supports this need.

For specific projects where different people has to work on same data sets modifying the data, there is a benefit of using Power BI.

I have to invest more time on this. 🙂


Six Sigma projects and professional exposure

Everybody recognizes the sales people has a lot of exposure with regards to their stability as a employees: If you don’t sell, you don’t get your bonus. If you don’t sell consistently, you are fired.

A person leading a Six Sigma project where the target is to save some millions dollars for the organization has the same pressure: If the program does not return the expected savings, you will be asked why, if the arguments and barriers you faced are not consistent, you are fired.

What is the value of a Senior Six Sigma project Manager in the market?

  • If a Six Sigma project saves 10m$ for the company, these 10m$ goes to the OI of the balance.
  • If a sales team sells 100m$ at 10% OI, 10m$ goes to the OI of the balance.

The value in the market is different, and I think this is basically because sales people sell themselves better than other people.

Calentador junker

Para recordar, checklist:

  1. Comprobar que el cabezal de la bombona está bien puesto.
  2. Comprobar que el cabezal de la bombona no está roto o rajado.
  3. Limpiar el inyector de la llama piloto,
  4. Comprobar que llega gas al calentador.

Códigos de error:

El error E9 explica un error en la salida de gases, que puede ser debido a que
hay suciedad  acumulada en el tubo de salida de gases.

El Error EA es un fallo en la entrada de gas, por un posible corte en el
suministro de gas.

El Error E8 a su vez, informa de un posible fallo en el cableado o en la válvula de

Two in a box model, an Anglo Saxon model

Two in a box model is an Anglo Saxon model that works well with Anglo Saxon people. They understand the grey area and they handle the positive tensions in the right way. Depending of the situation and the need of the organization each part of the box makes decisions and the things run with “back and forth” discussions.

Unique direct report is a Latin model, you report just to one person and there is an unique direction (wrong or right) to follow.

When you implement a “2 in a box model” on a mainly Latin organization, the situation is different. Generally, we try to find who in the “2 in a box” who has really more power, and then follow it. It takes time to understand how to articulate these tensions in a positive way so the organization advance properly.

I’m writing using the context of the “stereotypes”, so please consider that not every single person falls on it, it’s just a generalization.