Lotus Notes Workspace

I need to remind this “how to”; when LN client fails after entering the password it is because something weird is happening in the cache. You can remove Cache.NDK and, at least in my case, it worked.

LN to SharePoint Migration map

An image is more valuable than a thousand words, so, Main components of a Lotus Notes Application mapped to corresponding SharePoint 2010 Custom Application. The more challenging point on a migration to SharePoint from LN databases is the fact the final key users have to be aware of the target possibilities they have for the … Read more

Migrating Lotus Notes Apps on the Cloud with Force.com

Here a tutorial video of 16 minutesthat is so helpful to understand this migration process. The steps for moving the application are: Re-create data model Create Forms Move data Create Workflow Create complex business logic For step #3, they propose 3 tools Apex Data Loader (through CVS conversion) Cloud Converter (LN, Access, Oracle) Detachlt (focused … Read more

From LN to anywhere

My customer has a problem that is so common in the market: they are migrating from LN and has tons of Lotus Notes applications. During the analysis process to migrate to other platform/s, some of these applications will be removed, some others will migrate or consolidate their data into other places, but what happens with … Read more

Why Lotus Notes will die and Cobol will survey?

Just some notes to be read on future. Lotus Notes will die because: The volumes capacities that the companies require cannot be stored by LN. The workflows these applications manage are being moved There are so much companies that are migrating to Exchange. There are not big new customers on LN since some years. What … Read more

Domino.Doc Vs Quickr

Reading Paul Mooney’s blog I have found this post related to the tittle, and I couldn’t stop writting there. I feel very affected by this inheritance, 🙂 ———————————————–Domino.doc is that tool that all that has used it has hated it (at least a little bit).If you look for technical information in the Internet, there is … Read more

Lotus & Blackberry with MDS Studio

We are studying how to deploy lotus applications with MDS Studio & WSDL. The starting was easy, but the real problem has started when we have tested the security of the Blackberry device to the Lotus Notes database. We have been investigating about the Lotus Notes sessions creation and there is no easy way to … Read more

Lotus Quickr

Now it’s available Lotus Quickr in Lotus Greenhouse. It’s defined like the fastest way to share everyday content across connected teams. Shared content libraries: You can share content in Lotus Quickr libraries, and access that content from desktop applications. Team places: Create online places with provided templates. Connectors to popular applications: Use connectors to interact … Read more