Lotus & Blackberry with MDS Studio

We are studying how to deploy lotus applications with MDS Studio & WSDL.

The starting was easy, but the real problem has started when we have tested the security of the Blackberry device to the Lotus Notes database.

We have been investigating about the Lotus Notes sessions creation and there is no easy way to get the session accesing with the the WSDL. I have done applications accesing using DIIOP and the NotesFactory object but this approach does not convince me at all.

Now we are thinking about to get the session using the POST method on the “?login” page of the Domino server and trying to use that session for the mobile user.

The questions that round my mind are:

– Is going to be possible to get the session with this method?
– Is able the Blackberry to store that session for next calls to the Lotus Domino Server?
– How is it possible that I have not found nothing about this problem on the Internet?

I hope to get some answers next week,

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  1. @joapen

    not sure if you solved the problem. To get it working you need to change your Web Server config. The best way would be to change the web server configuration to use website documents. If you got it running you can overwrite the session authentication for a specified folder (http://webdomino.company.com/mds/*) if you access any application via browser in this folder (example the vacation.nsf) you will be promped with the basic authentication. Read the "Overriding session authentication" topic in the Lotus Notes & Domino Administration Manual.

    After that you can let the MDS application prompt for a password, or you can use a general one. It depends on your security model. Some companys wish to make it easy for the user, and they use a general account and use the BES applications on the domino server to match a device ID with a username. Or they prompt you every time you use this application for a username and password (but some users hate this solution…)


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