Secure WSDL in Lotus, MDS Forum

I have been doing some Searchs on the Blackberry MDS Forum in order to get information about the problem of access to a secure WSDL published in Lotus Domino Server.

Some of the more interesting links for me are:

  • This offers an easy way to fix it link,
  • This other reminds us that we need to work at least with BES 4.1.2 link,
  • This other is something I want to keep in mind when we deploy the application. This configuration problem is going to happen us, I’m sure. link,
  • A little guide with the steps to follow, link,

Now it’s time to test all these suggestions and see what’s the solution.

Looking my previous post, it looks as the approach I suggested was not right at all. Let’s see what’s the right answer.

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