OpenAI’s Foundry

This post is a second version of the map drawn on the post Microsoft, Google, Chat GPT, Bard and other things. The pricing table Last week a pricing deck of OpenAI models have been leaked, and it’s an interesting information to understand what is potentially coming on the prompt industry. So in a nutshell: How … Read more

Digital sovereignty borders

Coming from the post published by Simon Wardley Digital Sovereignty, I was thinking about some way to look at the situation at the right perspective. So here they come some initial toughs about what potentially could come. In my last post Government and Facebook conflicts, I point to some basic conflicts between governments and Facebook. … Read more

Changing incentives

The incentives are present in many ways and it’s the lever that companies use to foster the values and behaviors they are waiting from their employees. These cartoons were created by Google employee Manu Cornet and they triggered Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO). The need of doing something to solve it was clear, the sense of urgency was … Read more

Office365 on web

Today I started up my laptop and I found this message on all Office365 applications: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application So apart of looking into Internet for a solution and open a ticket to the service I have started to use all these applications through the web and some … Read more

Microsoft chatbot technology

Microsoft Bot Framework It is composed by 3 components: Microsoft Cognitive Services, where you will use LUIS for interacting with the services.LUI is not a chatbot-, but a language parsing engine. Bot Builder SDK: you can either develop on Node.js or .NET Azure bot: a place to deploy your bots. LUIS LUIS is a language understanding service under … Read more

Microsoft Power BI

I have created an account to use Power BI and check how it’s working on. For small amount of data that is just managed by one person it does not make sense. You can use excel and share it through SharePoint Services. “Power BI publisher for Excel” plug-in supports this need. For specific projects where … Read more

Dynamics 365 for Financials

My first experience with Dynamics 365 for Financials: Sign-up: I have had to sign in three times to be able to reach the main screen of project Madeira (sample project) in Financials space. I do not know if it was the creation of the space or the sign-in process what failed, but after that I … Read more

Windows patches

A customer called me today to discuss about software alternatives related to future environment for a shop floor solution they have. We reviewed the main requirements and during the conversation we talked about different major environments. Suddenly we did a stop on .NET, and this was what happened. We are running a shop floor solution … Read more

AWS Vs Office365 1 TB

I am looking for 1 Tera Byte storage solution on the cloud and I started to look for it in AWS and Office365. The surprise have been: the price offered by Microsoft: Microsoft 69€/year. AWS: 30,57$/month.