Changing incentives

The incentives are present in many ways and it’s the lever that companies use to foster the values and behaviors they are waiting from their employees.

These cartoons were created by Google employee Manu Cornet and they triggered Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO).

The need of doing something to solve it was clear, the sense of urgency was clear too.

  • Microsoft moved from a dogmatic and competitive environment.
  • They moved to a competitive arena where collaboration was rewarded above all else.
  • Some of the changes:
    • Change the approach to performance evaluation,
    • Focus of leadership to encourage the adoption of a growth mindset: encouraging people, in Nardella’s words, to be ‘learn-it-alls’ instead of ‘know-it-alls’.

The results, we all know today. And I can write a little bit about this story because Satya Nadella did reference this cartoon in his book, “Hit Refresh”.

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