Changes on the hosting

Today there were a lot of changes on the hosting and I did some actions that I would like to review. PHP settings Ensure the PHP settings have enough memory, 32MBs is the default and it should be more. General review making sure all of WordPress is updated (plugins, themes, version, and php version, make … Read more

Digital Transformation blueprint

The digital transformation journey is complex and you can easily lose yourself looking for alternatives and going back and forth without results. What is what we call “digital”? Let’s start first on what is what everybody calls digital. The business is business and this has not changed, what has changed is the context, and by … Read more

Maintenance on WordPress

I have been doing some basic maintenance of this wordpress site. I have updated: 14 plugins, the wordpress version and the PHP version of the server (5.4 to 7.0). For my poor memory, how to update the PHP version I’m using on CPanel:  

Prestashop admin user does not log in

My Prestashop’s admin user does not log in into the back-office, I have checked the password is right and I still cannot go in. The error message is: “There is one error. the employee does not existor the password is wrong” Reset Prestashop admin password I have followed these steps recommended by different forums: Look in … Read more

Attribution modeling

To attract new customers through marketing campaigns is more complex thanks to the new channels where consumers reach a brand. This makes the way to reach the consumer to be more complex. The aim of attribution modeling is to understand the influence each advertising impression has on a consumer’s decision to make a purchase decision. … Read more

Fix mobile usability issues found

Google Sending Mobile usability warnings to huge number Of Webmasters. And the platforms as wordpress, prestashop, shopify…  are part of this massive communication. The message I receive is:  “Fix mobile usability issues found…”  follow by the domain name. My honest opinion is that this is the way Google is saying us: check out your mobile … Read more

Shopify sitemap.xml

Shopify sells that they generate and refresh sitemap.xml file on all their stores, so I was not paying attention to it. My fault was to add it on Google Web Master tool. It is curious that the file contained only 4 link entries. I checked 24 hours later that all entries of the site were … Read more

Google Merchant Center

Google approach can be seen in so many angles, to me the example of the tactics used on flights booking services is a good example: first absorb the data, second provide it from removing the need of the third party. Merchant Center follows the same road map. Today, you spend money advertising on ad … Read more