Token Network Flywheel

This is an interesting article that shows how the basis of the blockchain business model. Source:

Year 5, Q2 Wardley Maps + books

During year 5 – Q1 I have focused on Wardley Maps, and the completion of so many activities for the PMP renewal. This quarter by personal reasons I have to deaccelerate the workload of activities. So it will be a soft learning quarter on the schedule. The plan So the V2MOM for this quarter will be: Vision: Work on … Read more

Desired components flow in a Wardley Map

This is a theoretical exercise out of context that helps me to explain the evolution of components into a map. It contain a lot of capital flow management decisions, which means that you have to have a clear definition about what is the expected balance between capital expenditure Vs. added value provided. It’s an ideal … Read more

The Victory Machine

This book is good, not great, but good. It started being impressive with the story about the origins of the dynasty and with a fluent narrative that keep you engaged in the book. Then you start with the chapter “Kevin and me” and the book changes completely. It’s like a different author driving the phrases. … Read more