Wardley Map practice session: New Year’s Eve Party

You can easily organize a practical session to learn and practice the main basic concepts of Wardley maps.

How? using the New Year’s Eve Party proposed by Chris Daniel.

All details about how to organize this workshop is described here.

I wanted to extend this exercise and enable the attendants to learn about decisions to be made in an environment with limited resources, and how to face uncertainly when you are trying to attract users to your business.

So what I did was:

  1. Create a list of potential friends with different family compositions.
  2. Create a list of available resources.
  3. Set a limited budget.
  4. Assign a differentiator resource that pushes each group to build a different party.

The screenshots

Purpose and steps for the 2 days session
Conditions to implement the day 2 session

You can find the information on this Google Sheet.

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