Digital sovereignty borders

Coming from the post published by Simon Wardley Digital Sovereignty, I was thinking about some way to look at the situation at the right perspective. So here they come some initial toughs about what potentially could come. In my last post Government and Facebook conflicts, I point to some basic conflicts between governments and Facebook. … Read more

Government and Facebook conflicts

Simon Wardley has first written about digital sovereignty and later he did some comments on Twitter about the moves a company as Facebook is doing. Simon’s answer captured my attention: So, first I have done is a short analysis about how Facebook works, decomposing the main components of a huge company as it is. I … Read more

Twitter Vs Facebook

Twitter just announced that they are removing the 140 characters for direct messages. To me as user this means they become a clone of Facebook. Which of the main things you do in Facebook cannot be done in Twitter? Facebook did a move adding the possibility of replying to replies, so the replies are more … Read more

Facebook autoplay, more revenue for telcos

Telecom companies are so happy with the digital and mobile consumption (digital TV, facebook, whatssup…..), and when they cannot be more happy, some of the social networks comes and make them even happier. The last chapter was written by facebook and its new “autoplay” feature. The users scroll down on facebook and the videos start … Read more