Working on end-user adoption

We´re working on a project where a solution is implemented on SharePoint. Last week I was on customer office assisting to the presentation of the solution. Apart of the details related to the project, at the end of the meeting I had the opportunity to talk to them about the users and their feeling about … Read more

New method for reading e-mails

The other day I ping my boss via ST saying that he had a delay on an important sign off for one of my activities. He literally told me: “Send me an e-mail everyday till I reply you.” 😀 After 8 days, the e-mail was replied.

Why Lotus Notes will die and Cobol will survey?

Just some notes to be read on future. Lotus Notes will die because: The volumes capacities that the companies require cannot be stored by LN. The workflows these applications manage are being moved There are so much companies that are migrating to Exchange. There are not big new customers on LN since some years. What … Read more

Test Strategy

I have been doing a test strategy (or test plan) document for a project. It has been a funny exercise to help the project manager to do it. I like project management activities and take care of things like this now that I do not manage projects officially is something that makes me be happy. … Read more

Business Needs, where are they?

During these last 2 months I have done 5 proposals, 3 business cases, and some presentations to the customer attending some potential needs they have. The result? Zero contracts. Last week an old database were causing problems on production due to a change on the amount of redundant users they now are enabling. We have a … Read more