Wardley Maps

Wardley maps continue increasing popularity, now IBM talks about it: “Governments should adopt the Wardley Map approach to help shape their migration to Government as a Platform.” http://insights-on-business.com/government/five-steps-to-happier-citizens/  

The Future of SAP HR

I work with SAP HCM and I am always looking for the direction this solution is taking. I found this article that explains very well the situation of the product and the road-map. For me and my customer, the summary is: My customer can preserve SAP HCM till 2025, they are legally covered. SAP is … Read more

The challenges for traditional banks

Traditional banks have so many challenges with their conversion to the digital world. Same thing is happening with the newspapers and other industries. With the banks the bottom-line is that they come from a very regulated market with big barriers for the penetration of new competitors. They have an ecosystem who has been changing so … Read more

Finance terms

Learning some basic finance terms: Credit support Annex (CSA) It is is a legal document which regulates credit support for derivative transactions. It is one of the four parts that make up an ISDA Master Agreement but is not mandatory. It is possible to have an ISDA agreement without a CSA but normally not a … Read more

QMS software

The project to complete my Bachelor Sciences Degree I was a QMS software, build in Lotus Notes, with reporting done using XML, and on LN5. In 2001 was a good project for my university. I built my modules based on total quality management principles that during the last 13 years have not changed so much. … Read more

Amazon, 20 years

Wall Street Journal did a infography of the main figures of Amazon with respect its retail competitors during the inception of the company. I want to keep this chart for my memory.

The 100-day Corporate get fit plan

I need to remind this article which contains so much valuable details about how to discover the situation of a corporation through mapping the different areas of the company. The phases are simple: Day 1 – Let us be Honest Day 2 to Day 20  – Map it! Day 21 to Day 40 – Analyse … Read more