Visualizing externalities

In the competitive space we find many companies doing a non-fair use of resources. You can call that is fair competition because it’s considered legal, but the reality is that that behavior is causing dramatic consequences. Let’s start with a basic Map A company manufactures a product and uses raw materials, energy and water (well … Read more

Wardley Maps Framework 0.1

This post is a first version of my thoughts about how to satisfy a need I have when discussing with certain type of clients (my user). Here you can see where this come from. This post contains more questions than answers. Challenge the concepts exposed here, all constructive feedback is welcome. Where I started to … Read more

LLMs are the new version of nuclear power.

I continue reading about LLMs and the potential power it has. And I have the feeling the LLMs are the new version of Nuclear Power. I would summarize the current situation as this: Many people is astonished about the potential of these technologies, but almost nobody is thinking about the consequences of it (few people). … Read more