Risk Management on programs

Tolerate uncertainty and live with it, understand complexity, ambiguity and live with it, manage all these tensions about what can happen is the main goal of risk management. Projects managing risks in an isolated way is a big risk for the organizations. By this reason the use of a clear risk management framework at program … Read more

Amazon QuickSight

QuickSight is the Business Intelligence solution offered in AWS. Today, I assisted to a presentation webinar where a demo of the solution was done (as usual this was the useful side of the event). A no-brainier solution for all users that requires a BI tool. You can also use data from your own databases. Spice … Read more

Planning and controlling transition

The sample below comes in the managing successful programmes book. The diagram describes a simple example showing outputs, transition management and benefits realization. Benefit baseline measurement, done during the development of the blueprint to understand how we go from the situation “as-is” to the desired state “to-be”. Output, the project has been delivered. which is … Read more

Program Control

A Program is controlled from different axis and these controls are required by different stakeholders. To attend all of them in a efficient way requires understanding of all this. Program control is a process composed by activities where corporate group ask about the evolution of the program in one area (Finance, legal, quality assurance…). This … Read more

DevOps y el camino de baldosas amarillas

Este libro llegó a mis manos mientras buscaba un libro que hablara de DevOps de una forma sencilla y práctica. Así que lo compré y lo leí en un par de días. El libro se lee muy rápido y es porque Juan José escribe como habla, y no añade ningún giro que complica entender los … Read more

Metamind, deep learning for enterprise

This session organized by data driven NYC shows some use cases related to deep learning, focusing on uses you can give for enterprises: Find the number of times your logo is shown on TV in a sport event you are sponsoring. Identify car brands. Relatedness of Sentences. Identify locations in a text. and more applications … Read more

The Goal

I just finished to read this novel written by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox. Independently if you work on Manufacturing industry or not, this book reviews fundamental basis related to theory of constraints, methods to manage a supply chain. I specially like the way the team started to think about the process of making themselves … Read more

Enterprise Applications on AWS: SAP

I can access to the Amazon Partner Network and some of the interesting stuff you can find there is training and product information. I did the one related to SAP, and there are some topics very interesting: SAP invites to use the BYOL (Bring your own License) model for creating environments into AWS. You can … Read more

MSP, Benefits management

Programs are primary driven to deliver benefits, this is done by projects that create outputs, which builds capabilities, which transition into outcomes that serve the purpose of realizing benefits. I created this template based on the principles mentioned on the Managing successful Programs, so I can use for guidance during the execution of the programs:  … Read more

“bi-modal” model constraints

Gartner is advertising “bi-modal”; a “new” way to drive operations and new activities of a corporation. I was reading the idea and the concepts around it and I found it “old” idea, with some propositions that are so nice to have, and that they can be defended on the paper, but that in the reality … Read more