OpenAI’s Foundry

This post is a second version of the map drawn on the post Microsoft, Google, Chat GPT, Bard and other things. The pricing table Last week a pricing deck of OpenAI models have been leaked, and it’s an interesting information to understand what is potentially coming on the prompt industry. So in a nutshell: How … Read more

Mapping sudoku, identifying doctrines

Purpose Work on the habits of a given organization and learn to identify the stage where a company is Table of doctrines and its phases Simon Wardley identifies 4 major phases of a company/organization in terms of the proposed list of doctrines, they are: Exercise Feedback Many thanks, any constructive feedback is welcome.

Mapping sudoku: exashustive inertia analysis

Purpose Many times, in a Wardley Map we look for the move in terms of evolution. This time the exercise is just the opposite: why components do not evolve. The goal of the exercise is to identify the major reasons to have aversion to change (inertia) in a landscape (a map). The exercise forces you … Read more

Strategy Exercise: Basic Competitive analysis

Purpose Comparing the relative position of your company with respect other two competitors. Tips You have the template below. Drawing & thinking Steps Set-up Draw the basis Competitor Mapping Loop Think about three companies: your company and two competitors. Note: the template is prepared for 3 companies, but if the reader considers that adding more … Read more

Estuarine mapping

This link is interesting to follow-up all the publications around Estuarine mapping. Step 1: All start with the identification of good and bad things around the context we are exploring. Step 2: Then the identification of constraints and constructors. Using a template as the one below (to avoid classification and promote taxonomy identification). Use during … Read more