II Trial Las Palomas, Zahara de la Sierra

El año pasado me quedé sin poder ir a esta carrera, pero este año llegué a tiempo para apuntarme. La organización aprendió de algunos fallos del año pasado y el recorrido estaba muy conseguido: muchísimo sendero por sitios increibles (que sustituyeron al asfalto). Tuvimos mucha suerte, día soleado y sin viento. Mucho frío como es … Read more

Hadoop architecture, data processing

In the process of understanding the basis of Hadoop I found a training course in AWS that is helping me to understand the concepts. Map: it’s a process to map all distributed blocks of data and send the requested job to each one of them. The job sent to the block is a task with … Read more

Stand up desk

This is a “do it yourself” implementation of the professional stand up desks. What do you need? just a simple shelf, a table, some screws and four small squads. We have cut with the saw at the high where the elbows have around 90º, so it is as much ergonomic as possible. The table where … Read more

Hadoop components

Hadoop platform is composed by different components and tools. Hadoop HDFS: A distributed file system that partitions large files across multiple machines for high throughput access to data. Hadoop YARN; A framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management. Hadoop map reduce; A programming framework for distributed batch processing of large data sets distributed across … Read more

ILOG Visualization Products

ILOG was founded in 1987 in France, their core business was enterprise software products for supply chain, business rule management, visualization and optimization. Their best in class product was Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). In 1997 ILOG acquired CPLEX Optimization Inc. In 2007 ILOG’s acquired LogicTools. This enabled ILOG to be the owner of a … Read more

Provide discovery for free

IT consulting companies provide a wide portfolio of solutions where there are basically a discovery phase and an implementation phase. I’m referring to consulting areas, not to products that reproduce reports based on input information. Some companies give it for free. The two main arguments are simple: If you understand in deep the problem your … Read more

Google Merchant Center

Google approach can be seen in so many angles, to me the example of the tactics used on flights booking services is a good example: first absorb the data, second provide it from Google.com removing the need of the third party. Merchant Center follows the same road map. Today, you spend money advertising on ad … Read more