Use cases: when a disruptor shows up

Background Technological disruption is something that happens from time to time. Right now all people is focused on Generative-AI and many people seem to be lost looking at what is going to happen. We don’t really know, accept the uncertainty and stop doing linear correlations with simplistic things as “Gen-AI is going to improve the … Read more

Richard Rumelt’s attractors and microwaves

Wardley Mapping contains the concept of “practice” and the climatic pattern of “co-evolution of practice”. But for forecasting purposes I always see it better with the concept of attractor created by Richard Rumelt. I have drawn an example, that I hope it’s clear. The microwave existed since the 40s, but they became popular in the … Read more

Alternatives to classic strategic approaches

In the book “A New Way to Think” Roger L. Martin does a distinction between the classic model of strategic thinking and an alternative for 14 different aspects of the companies. I have summarized it in a table, so I can review from time to time. Classic model Alternative model Competition Holds that corporations compete, … Read more

Combination of OKRs and Wardley Maps

OKRs and Wardley maps can be combined and enable you to have benefits from both sides. Where can specifically this combination help? Using both together you can provide a comprehensive approach to strategic planning and execution, combining goal setting and progress tracking with a deep understanding of the business environment. Wardley Maps does not gives … Read more

ChatGPT provides similar ability than

The news is in the title, the interesting part is the reflection on these tweets: The only moats are execution, distribution, and top-of-mindedness (your brand being ingrained in a customer’s habit loop). Nothing else really matters. This is just one of the thousand of examples of the appliance of Innovation, leverage, commoditize gameplay on LLMs … Read more

Are you disruptive? Are you honest?

Everybody loves to be disruptive, but to be disruptive is complex, difficult and only in the hands on some few companies. When dealing with workshops sometimes I face the situation where something is drawn with high value/visibility for the consumer/user and tagged as something new, in its genesis. Some people agree with the fact that … Read more

From Certain to Win by Chet Richards

Nice review of some of the concepts described by John Boyd in the context of business. Agility The essence of agility and applying Boyd’s ideas to any form of competition is to keep one’s orientation well matched to the real world during times of ambiguity, confusion, and rapid change, when the natural tendency is to … Read more

Falcon strategy OpenAI over Google

This is an overview of the strategic pattern named Falcon, proposed by Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh on their book Patterns of Strategy. Warning: I’m experimenting here. Any constructive feedback is welcome. I will be using the OpenAI Vs Google for this exercise. This topic is already being commented here: Microsoft, Google, Chat GPT, Bard … Read more