Automotive industry trends

Automotive Industry is suffering changes, as other industries: Speed of online purchases from other sectors (electronics, trips, retail, food…) is carrying over to car purchases. It’s very difficult to sell cars on-line and this requires to have car dealers around the geography. More and more people research cars on-line as first step for buying, then … Read more

From USA to Europe, through Ireland

So many USA companies follow a common pattern when they want to start to compete in Europe: they basically do it starting their moves in Ireland. The main reasons are : English, as common language so they can communicate well each other and start with UK as main market target. In the main cities there … Read more

Zuora, subscription model as a service

The world is moving from a product based economy to a service based economy. Some companies born in the subscription model, but others need to transform from their existing model to the subscription based model. So, well everybody knows already that Zuora is an emerging competitor in the market, creating and end to end solution … Read more

Scenario planning

Scenario planning of a company, product, solution or organization is a tough work. You have to understand the landscape, competitors, your capabilities, inertia, common patterns, weak signals, anticipation & game-play. I face the situation on solutions (which is less complex) and an start-up company and the concentration to do it well is enormous. To gather … Read more

Las Vegas

You travel to a new city and which you have seen in TV so much times and the exercise your mind does is to confirm or disregard the labels you created in your mind. All based in the small adjustments you do when you arrive there. In my case, these were the small adjustments my … Read more

Strategy drives digital transformation

This is a nice article that talks about some myths about digital transformation. I like the comments related to: Maturity of your organization: not all organizations can start from the same start line, the level of current maturity is important to understand how drive it. Talent challenge: as in the 90’s the companies wanted their … Read more

OSCON Videos

I have enjoyed watching videos from the Open Source Convention. I like the visionary videos, and to learn from some very interesting people who prepared these nice speeches. The videos have something good: they take 10 – 15 minutes, no more… well there are some exceptions. The Making of a Cloud Native Application Platform – … Read more

Qué hacer con tus miedos

Este libro lo descubrí cuando su autor lo estuvo presentando en la radio. Me atrajo la idea de los ejercicios prácticos y las técnicas comentadas para poder salir de la zona de confort y trabajar tus emociones. Después de leerlo, me han convencido mucho más la primera parte donde se describen los tipos de miedo, … Read more

Rudnitsky sales playbook

Business insider reminds us these useful rules that appear in the book behind the cloud; these are the 11 sales rules from David Rudnitsky: “Think BIG, Have Attitude”: Think big (dollars and scope), not just the immediate opportunity in front of you. Behave as if your company is big, even if it’s not. Salesforce’s average … Read more