Las Vegas

You travel to a new city and which you have seen in TV so much times and the exercise your mind does is to confirm or disregard the labels you created in your mind. All based in the small adjustments you do when you arrive there. In my case, these were the small adjustments my body did.

The temperature is similar to Sevilla, but without humidity, which makes the heat just a little bit more affordable. Well in Las Vegas you have so much months like this and in Sevilla just around 2 – 3 months.

The strength of the sun is much higher than in Sevilla, here you can burn easily, and I cannot be without sunglasses.

Here people can smoke almost in any place, so at the end of the day, all clothes smelled to tobacco. Hopefully this is not happening in Spain anymore.

Apart of these small adjustments, here all is around the entertainment, absolutely all, there is no space for other things. We came for a fashion fair, and we see, touch and smell the core business of this city: entertainment. They were able to diversify their business, the main 4 ones are:

  • Entertainment for adults,
  • Gambling,
  • Family friendly activities,
  • Convention business

They divide the week in 2 parts:

  • From Sunday night to Thursday night: families and conventions.
  • From Thursday night to Sunday night: gambling and adult entertainment.

All casinos compete to attract as much business as possible, but they have a common long term direction about where they want to drive the business. Apparently there is also a good collaboration between the state government, the gambling authority and the casinos. To me these synergies are the main difference to the Atlantic City business: they have not good collaborations between the state, the casinos and the gambling authority.


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