From LN to anywhere

My customer has a problem that is so common in the market: they are migrating from LN and has tons of Lotus Notes applications. During the analysis process to migrate to other platform/s, some of these applications will be removed, some others will migrate or consolidate their data into other places, but what happens with … Read more

Running again

59 days later I run again. I’m still not 100% of the injury, but start again to run slowly, enjoy the spring air and feel the sun is something simple but at the same time nice. After stretching and having a shower, the feeling is good, let’s see tomorrow. I feel physically tired and this … Read more

Primavera Contract Manager

I’m looking for Contract Management solutions and after review a Gartner magic cuadrant I was reviewing Primavera Contract Manager. This is a package of Oracle products around Project/Program management. Related to the functionality, reviewing a little bit we have: Document control Features It provides a tracking of every submittal to understand where each contract status … Read more

Supply-Chain Operations Reference Model

SCOR is a process reference model is considered as the cross-industry de-facto standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. It has been developed by the Supply-Chain Council (SCC). SCOR is a management tool, spanning from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. The model has been developed by the members of the Council on a … Read more

Building a SaaS model

We have a tool for contract management activities that implements our processes in a very good manner and that is aligned with our project management best practices. The issue with the tool is very easy, is on a legacy environment. I have been working on an analysis in different directions: looking for market products, study … Read more

Visit to Buffalo

I’m in Buffalo, we have travelled about 8 hours by car through Pennsylvania and New York States, going through the Poconos area that is an amazing place I have to stop anytime. This morning I was with some families of the groom and the bride´s father visiting Niagara falls. I have enjoyed a lot of … Read more


I was looking for video tools to cut, paste and change videos and I found this list of 10 web sites with tools for video edition online. First I tried Overstream but it was a little bit limited, I needed to download a video from an Spanish TV and it didn’t work at all. Then I … Read more