Why do you have the opportunity of getting new responsibilities?

This question has been done to me sometimes and the answer is so simple.

I get the job that has been delegated to me and I perform it as soon as possible and taking care of deliver it in the best way that I can and trying to add some knowledge/experience in this road.

This is my simple rule of success, there is no any other trick.

One other important thing is the knowledge of the environment. Two years ago I came from a spanish company with a strong industrial & construction culture, offices around the world but where the culture was so local because all was very centralized and different in their main offices.

Then and I moved to an american IT consulting company where globalization was real in the day to day. It tooks me a lot of time to understand how decisions were really done, how to handle communications and relationships…

The third thing I take care is the self learning. I work in an environment where changes are continuous, I need to know how to evoluate in it.

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