LinkedIn’s “voice badge”, a new rat race

If you are a LinkedIn’s user I’m sure you have seen something similar to this:

LinkedIn has created pages with specific skills and areas of knowledge, I can see the ones related to me, but if you look to other skills you will find them. For instance:

I accepted the challenge

I have been rejecting this for a while, but after figuring out what they are doing I have accepted the challenge. I will feed that animal with data.

I want my Voice Badge!!

How? with ChatGPT

For instance

Lessons learned

  • Add “summarize that answer with less than 750 characters”, as the answers are constrained.
  • Once you submit 3, you have to wait till next day (as the original message describes (see above)).

You are constrained to 3 articles, but you can write on other spaces, the rat race never stops!

When you answer 3 times in a row, this message is shown:

Just click on “Check out other articles” and continue the race:

A couple of hours later I received an e-mail asking me to answer to apply to “business strategy questions”.

Incentives: do you want your badge? fight for it!

This was during day 4. During day 3 I did not post anything.

Things take effort

I invested time, energy and focus on this.

answering questionsWriting this article% contributor
(aka, the carrot)
Day 15 minutes5 minutes
Day 24 minutes1 minute
Day 3nonenonetop 47%
Day 44 minutes2 minutestop 45%
Day 55 minutes1 minutetop 45%
Day 6nonenone
Day 7nonenone
Day 810 minutes1 minutetop 24%
Day 97 minutes1 minutetop 39%
Day 105 minutes1 minutetop 39%
Day 11nonenone
Day 125 minutes1 minutetop 22%
Day 13-16nonenone
Day 175 minutes1 minutetop 18%
Day 18nonenone
Day 195 minutes1 minutetop 18%
Day 205 minutes1 minutetop 18%
Day 215 minutes1 minutetop 18%
Day 225 minutes1 minutetop 17%
Day 235 minutes1 minutetop 22%
Day 245 minutes1 minutetop 17%
Day 255 minutes1 minutetop 16%
Day 265 minutes1 minutetop 16%
Day 275 minutes1 minutetop 16%

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