Destroy the 10% of your job

The idea I want to mention today is not something new. You can read tons of literature about it.

The stuff is related to the continuous changes we live in our jobs.

There’s a rule that google made popular that was the 80/20 rule, where you let 20% of an employee free to let him/her to do what s/he wants: time to think, time to invent, time to improve…. time to change.

The idea with this rule is that the consequence should be that at least the 10% of your current position should change and then really the added value of this person in this position really keeps constant. The part of this 10% of activities/responsibilities depends on a lot of factors.

What happens to this 10% of activities you lose? They could disappear because they are not necessary anymore, they can be moved to other places where this is an activity that provides value, you can be a work generator so now there is another person helping you to do this fantastic job…. there’s a lot of alternatives but the fact is that you cannot do the same thing for years, I mean: months.

There is a lot of fear to the change: “this is my job”, “what should I do then?”…. It’s something like when the babies repeats “this is mine!”.

I need to review where is our added value with the team and keep clear the reality of the competitive world where we live. The good thing is we have time to react.

There will be a time where I will be caught by this phenomenon, I will be out of the market.

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