I have finished some research where I’m looking for the use of an hybrid solution between SAP + MS-SharePoint.
There are so many documentation available in our internal collaborative environment. In addition, to do not limit it to the “my company point of view”. I have found some interesting documents:

1.- SAP workflow approval in BPOS

Workflow Approval based on native SAP workflows now avalable for BPOS – Work flow approval via Exchange, Microsoft Outlook Client, Windows Mobile, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Symbian Phones.

This is a Non-invasive installation: No installation/modification on Exchange Server! No installation/modification on Outlook-Clients! No installation/modification on mobile devices! Watch this space as more inforamtion is posted.

2.- SAP ESS and SharePoint
this resulted me very interesting from the business point of view. User experience in terms of productivity is key for an environment that is continuously receiving new users
3.- Cool stuff in SharePoint 2010 that Notes customers will love: Declarative Workflow

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