Lean Agile Procurement

After attending a PMI webinar about how to improve the time to purchase on companies, I have been reading the Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) site: https://www.lean-agile-procurement.com/

The LAP approach

It’s summarized in this picture:

The approach proposed by LAP

The lean procurement canvas

This type of visual tools are always useful to set the big picture, and I have to recognize that I love them:

On the right side you have all about the company, that is evaluating a new partner (left side). Main question is, can they both together achieve the main goals in the middle (focus)?


There are more relevant data on the web, and they have introduction webinars that gives you a good view of the goal of LAP.

To put in place this type of movements in big corporations is a challenge, all of them are working to improve their time to procure, but so many times you can see the intertia wins and the efforts are not enough to break the “old pace”.

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