Product solution fit and Market product fit

These 2 concepts are different and it’s important to understand the details when working on the development of a product.

Product-Solution Fit is an earlier stage than Product-Market Fit.

Product-Solution Fit

It refers to the point where a product has been developed with features that solve specific problems for users. At this stage, the focus is on validating whether the product’s features are the right solution to the problem it aims to address. It’s about ensuring that the product is useful and that there is a demand for the solution.

Product-Market Fit

It’s not just about having a product that solves a problem but having a product that solves a problem for a viable market. This means that there is a significant demand for the product, and the market is large enough to support the business model and growth expectations.

The Difference

While Product-Solution Fit is about creating a product that users need and love, Product-Market Fit is about finding a large market that will sustain the business selling that product. A company may have a great solution, but without a market for it, the product won’t succeed commercially.

Conversely, there may be a large market for a type of product, but if the solution isn’t right, it won’t gain

Both fits are critical, and achieving them is crucial for our business. After we have established Product-Solution Fit, we can pivot towards optimising for Product-Market Fit. This will involve marketing, scaling operations, and expanding the product features to appeal to a broader audience within the market.

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