Twitter and the common problem of the 30%

In October 2020 I wrote about the payment war in the mobile app ecosystem, where basically a set of companies were fighting against the 2 giants (Apple and Google) about the payments to be done for every payments done from applications managed by their store.

Now in 2022, Twitter creates a “check” with an initial price of $8. Initially this check is only available for Apple users. What does happen with the 30% of these $8? Well, Apple keep it for themsleves.

Another interesting tweet was published by Jack the same week:

Some days ago, I created a couple of Wardley Maps related to Twitter. I have taken one of them and I have removed the components that are not related to “payments” so we can see better the payment issue in the short term and the potential solutions in the long term.

Update one day later

This meme sounds fun to me. Two days later Elon had a meeting in Apple headquarters and all seem to be solved.

About Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

There are many things being done through the CBDCs. There are many initiatives and China is leading it with a main project lead by the government and supported by the main Chinese tech companies (e-CNI). e-CNY is now in pilot mode and it has been working in this way since 2020 with a good pace. The amount of money they are trading right now is amazing, they already have WeChat Pay and Alipay working on it.

Here you can check the status of the different projects. The topic is so wide, so I will focus on Twitter.

In September a new project showed up: United States of America CBDC. Right now it’s in research status.

I have added these components into the map:

Twitter as private company lead by Elon Musk, CBDC

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