Application TCO dilema

Business Applications are the primary mechanism for delivering IT value. Applications are expensive to purchase, but even more expensive to maintain. You have strategic plans, balance sheets, portfolio management cycles…and budget reviews. Application TCO is one of the recognized mechanisms to manage the IT budget, and it’s also one of the major headaches for CIOs … Read more

Basic portfolio principle

Home in a community: Your home can be customized within boundaries (local / community regulations). All homeowners must use standardized services (local roads, utilities, etc.). This is a basic civic principle. Project in a portfolio: Projects can be customized within boundaries (standards). All core and core/dependent projects will leverage standard processes, architecture and infrastructure and … Read more

Service renewal battlecard

During these months I face the service renewal activities. This summary list just tries to review the concepts to be taken into account during these discussions. A) In general take into account: The previous year consumption. The previous year major activities. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threads The business challenges for next year. B) Highlight added value, … Read more

Chasing approvals

Managing the contract renewal process of an applications portfolio means for me that I have to discuss with different portfolio managers from the customer. The renewal process is done with customer portfolio leads, but the details are obtained from and with each one of the application lead. Reach this point, there are 2 type of portfolio managers: First … Read more