APM, strategy & activities

I work on Application Portfolio Management activities in a simple way. The first thing is to assess the mix of applications and their value to business. The second thing is to determine the organization goals that in my case is mainly reduce the cost of applications maintenance and seek the most cost effective IT environment. … Read more

Open source Vs non critical applications

For the critical applications of a portfolio, you usually have a clear strategy at short, medium and long term. Clear strategy and probably an assigned budget aligned with the needs. For those non-critical applications you have in the portfolio the solution is not always good, standard, cheap or simple. You probably have a set of … Read more

When delivery happens

Last was a pleasant week, why? the delivery happened. After one week of bug and fixing we deployed the application and the time response was very good in general. The customer had a lot of concerns with this point and the percentage of functionality we covered is going up. On other services there were some … Read more

Assessing my portfolio

Identifying the applications needs of the portfolio, I’m basically facing these situations: You have to reassess the current conditions of an application and decide if to enhance it or remove it. You decide to retire an application in order to minimize the cost. You need to renew an application for keeping it flexible or to … Read more

Unsuccessful meetings take you to new unsuccessful meetings

The title of this post is moving the management staff of our account. We are working in an environment where, there are thousand of regular meetings with the customer: operational, applications, finance, end user technologies…. This environment makes there are so many relationship with our client, what is very good. Now we are trying to … Read more

How the presentation was?

Today I have assisted to a typical lesson learned that you can read in thousand books. The agenda of the meeting was the presentation of 2 technical solutions for a given business process. The workbench meetings with the client when the solutions were being worked given us some information about what was the preferences of … Read more

FEL-Phase of a project

Today I have learned a new term of something I know since long time: Front-End Loading (FEL) of a project, it’s the process by which a project team translates its marketing and technological opportunities into capital projects. In other words, during this FEL phase, the questions of Why, What, When, How, Where and Who are … Read more

Application Portfolio Manager

Main responsibilities: Provide a single point of accountability for the delivery of all application services to the client. Identify, create, and execute opportunities for account expansion. Identify and develop business solutions that address the business objectives of the client through proposals. Ensure the application portfolio financial targets are achieved. Provide leadership and builds team spirit … Read more

Forrester blog for APM

Since I’m involved in application portfolio management duties, I have found this interesting blog from Forrester. I want to remind these: Databyte-spending-on-custom-software-in-2010 Top-5-changes-for-application-development-in-2010 Should-application-portfolio-management-start-with-business-process-assessments There are more, I will continue reading.