New portfolio, new challenges

I took a new portfolio of accounts and services within a team of 8 account managers. The nature of the services/projects and the fact we are covering 4 industries and more than 70 customers makes the environment very diverse.

My main challenges for the first 3 months are:

  • Evaluate the financial situation of each account.
  • Understand the account plans for major accounts and define tactical plans for key accounts.
  • Close small accounts that do not provide enough margins.
  • Launch a program (fix or close) on all accounts to improve the margins we have today.
  • Analyze with the delivery teams what are the skills and capabilities we have.
  • Build with the PMO a exhaustive project revision of major projects.
  • Organize with business operations account reviews.
  • Understand from finance what are the major issues we have and put in place an action plan to solve them.
  • Analyze the coming new FY targets and understand the gap with respect the forecast and the backlog we already have.
  • Understand who is who in the team and after that define targets to the team.

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