Program and Portfolio Management evolution

In the portfolio of solutions and services we provide program and project management team plays an important role in the organization.

Basically the project managers and the PMO team is providing governance to the whole execution of projects through the execution of processes and the projects itself.

We started an improvement plan to evolve about these capabilities and our organization itself and we used Gartner “PPM Maturity Model” as guidelines of the actions we should perform to mature our PPM engagement with the rest of the organization. The methodology we have use to work on this has been Lean Six Sigma approach.


Some of the major actions we have done:

  • Define and execute a project review process for all major projects.
  • Economic review of the minor projects.
  • Focus on Change Request processes with sales people to push the Gross Margins up and cover the effect of the gap on scope.
  • Engage the PMO lead on the opportunities. On large opportunities a Project Manager is assigned since the opportunity stage.
  • Account review process and project review processes are linked and coordinated: month by month.
  • Training roadmaps and career paths defined.
  • Communications related to the evolution and changes of the scope and responsibilities of the PMO team.
  • Actions defined systematically on delays and budget splits.
  • Reinforcement of the risk management approach.

There are still so much actions to perform, but the evolution during last 18 months have been great.


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