AWS Machine Learning for enterprises

Today I attended this webinar to introduce the main components that AWS offers for working on Machine Learning. I like this picture that explains in plain english what is Deep Learning, machine learning and Artificial Inteligence. The main component of the overall solution is SageMaker, which is an integrated deep learning development and deployment platform, launched … Read more

Type errors

When you face the classic decision making table, as the one below. You can have to types of errors. They are known as: Type I error: false positives. Type II error: false negatives. The best way to remember it is with this picture below:    

Machine Trading

Machine Trading is the third book of Ernest P. Chang. It’s the second one I start to read. I say “start” to read due to the fact that there are some chapters that are quite complex to me to understand and I just skipped them. CHAPTER1 The Basics of Algorithmic Trading: this is the most … Read more


Association for Professional Basketball Research Metrics This association has been working so many years ago on the quantification of all aspects of the game building standard statistics baselines and making some new concepts related to basketball very popular. I can spend hours looking into the numbers of this site. I would like to see … Read more

How Machines Learn

This video is fantastic to understand clearly how machine learning works, It’s perfectly understandable that the industry has called it “machine learning” instead of “continuous back-testing of scalable algorithms”.