How to play the game, position and move

Position and move are essential information you need to put in place a strategy. The strategy is put in place through attacking and defensive actions. In this case, the customer wants to reduce the number of vendors on IT space. We have classified the different vendors depending if they are tier-1, tier-2, tier-3. The picture … Read more

El mejor tirador de la historia

Este articulo recoge un estupendo resúmen sobre la evolución del tiro exterior y sobre los actores principales de esas épocas. Es un artículo muy extenso y que anota muchos detalles y elementos a tener en cuenta sobre la importancia de este aspecto del juego en el baloncesto.

Strategy & basketball

The military background and the relationship / passion for strategy is something that comes from so many centuries ago: Sun Tzu, Napoleon… Just in case you do not know, but some of the best coaches of NCAA in the USA comes from the army. I’m referring to a generation of military people who left the … Read more

Red and me, Bill Russel

I was doing my visit to the Barnes & Noble store and I found this book, read some pages randomly and I decided to buy it. The behavior principles of a person, the way to evolve in a relationship with a person who came from a different world, team management, leadership, respect, how to align … Read more

Spurs Hammer

During the NBA final series there has been a move which has been mentioned so much in the forums and on the TV, it is the Hammer, which belongs to the Zipper Series of the Spurs playbook. This is really aesthetically pleasant move; and very difficult to implement, by the way.

NBA lock out

I played basketball for so many years and for sure I’m interested in almost all that happens around NBA. Since 10 years ago, more or less, I think the quality of the game has decreased; the way they play the game is spectacular in the aesthetic point of view, but not in the basics, I … Read more

The Jordan rules

I played basketball for so many years, and this book remembered me these days on highschool watching NBA finals. Very interesting book about the NBA backstage.